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What We Can Provide

Instructor-led Corporate Training for Employees
Corporate Training
Project-based Hands-on Training for Professionals
Project Based Learning
Project-based Campus Training for Students
Campus Training
Classroom Training for Professionals
Classroom Training
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What We Do


College OnCampus/OffCampus Training

  • Industrial Training and BOOTCAMPS
  • LIVE Project Training : 2-6 months with Industry Practices
  • College/Universities Technological and Mgmt. Corporate Workshops.
  • Career Oriented Summer and Winter Internship
  • Job Oriented Off campus/ Weekend Workshops and Seminars
  • In-House College Training and Project Development
  • Counseling and Career Building Programs
  • Management & Entrepreneurial Workshops
  • PDP and Communication Skills Enhancement
  • Virtual and Home-based Internships across India



Corporate Training

INTEGER Innovation training courses are ways of improving the effectiveness of your current workforce, but they are also attractive benefits for ambitious people. Training isn't just important to any company, it is vital.

  • Improved productivity and adherence to quality standards.
  • Skill sets that allow them undertake a greater variety of work.
  • Improved ability to implement and realize specific goals.
  • Increased ability to respond effectively to change.
  • Skill acquisition & behaviour change.

School Training

To help all students in the areas of academic achievement, social/emotional development and career development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

  • To utilize and capitalize the best talent of a student
  • To nourish every small aspect of talent in a student.
  • Keep updated to latest education trends.
  • Working around their transformation from basic to advanced


INTEGER Innovation provides a wide variety of services which will improve the effectiveness of your current business The tailor-made output is developed regarding particular requirements of the end users and consequently the entire development.Some of our popular services :

  • Android Application Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • CMS Development & Support
  • E-commerce Portal Design & Support

Our Popular Courses


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How to start Android Development

How to start Android Development

There's a lot to get excited about in mobile application development today. With increasingly sophisticated hardware, tablet PCs and a variety of software platforms (Symbian OS, iOS, WebOS, Windows Phone 7), the landscape for mobile developers is full of opportunities - and a little complex as well. So much choice can be overwhelming when you just want to get started building mobile applications.

How to start Web Development

How to start Web Development

As the internet has become a vital part of people's daily lives, web development has become one of the most in-demand skills. Companies today are looking for web developers to build and maintain websites to meet the wants and needs of their online customers. You can learn how to code for the web without going through the traditional college degree route. There are great free resources online.

How is PHP used In Web Development

How is PHP used In Web Development

Are you looking for ways to create a high-quality yet low cost web based application? Well, then PHP would be the answer to all your prayers. By investing in PHP web development not only can you develop dynamic websites within your budget but also create real time web applications that have a great UI. PHP is in fact, one of the most popularly used languages for web development as well as web application development.

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